Marijan MUMDZIEV, CEO, AMODO - XPRIMM Time for Business International Edition

Marijan MUMDZIEV is a passionate entrepreneur with a Vision to bring more value to Insurance customers leveraging Internet of Things (IoT)technology. After working as an Executive Board Advisor for couple of biggest Telecom Operators in Europe, Ptolemus Consulting and couple of other technology companies, all of them active in the Insurance Telematics space, taking over the leadership of AMODO, one of the most innovative technology vendors in the Insurance space from US and Croatia.
AMODO is an InsurTech company on a mission to disrupt the insurance industry as we know it. By turning users’ smartphones into powerful telematics sensors, the AMODO connected insurance platform enables insurers to deliver tailor-made products by gathering and contextualizing behavioral data. With its advanced technology, AMODO allows drivers to adapt their insurance cost to their driving habits by leveraging the one item most of them always have in their pocket - their smartphone. By offering new insurance models like Pay How You Drive, Pay As You Drive, Manage How You Drive, AMODO set new Telematics insurance standards and consequently acquired a great customer base, including P&V, AIG, Porsche, and BNP Paribas.

00:00 XPRIMM Time for Business International Editon
00:36 Who is AMODO and hat is its offering for the motor insurers?
01:45 - Is technology is a game changer in motor insurance?
03:23 - Will the changes in driving behavior established in the first year of the pandemics stay long-term? What impact would these changes have on the underwriting process?
07:35 - Has insurers’ approach to UBI products change in the new context created by the pandemics?
11:10 - What should different categories of customers expect from the UBI products?
15:20 - May the use of telematics be a potential solution for the “good” young drivers?
17:20 - What would be the market characteristics needed for telematics technologies to be attractive?
20:40 - What are the lessons learned from the successful implementation of AMODO projects in the CEE region?
24:15 - What are Amodo’s plans for the future?

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